How to needle felt long animal fur; video tutorial

By Amanda Adebisi of Fit to be loved

‘In this full length (1.5 hour) diary-style tutorial, I demonstrate how to add layers of wool to a miniature donkey. These techniques can be adapted for any long furred animal. Join me on my journey from preparation to finish; starting with carefully ‘needle brushed’ leg fibres, then fluffy tummy and long textured back fur. You will also see how I create a middle parting on the donkey’s muzzle, add a long fluffy fringe and a beautiful flowing mane.’

Difficulty ranking: Intermediate level or beginners looking for a challenge.

The result: Amazing detail; the look of a real animal with layers of fur.

Skills you will master:
• Simple hand blending of wool roving for natural, textured colour tones
• Preparing wool lengths and a test/sample piece
• Knowing how firm to felt your core base
• Two easy methods to firmly attach various lengths of wool fibre
• The art of layering and trimming fibres
• Specific skills for adding fur to various body parts
• How to prevent over felting or flattening of long fibres
• Finishing techniques for defining strands or fluffing them up
Chapter start times (for easier video navigation)
0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview; what techniques will I learn?
2:07 Where to start?
3:35 Preparing and blending wools
12:03 What tools do I need?
13:25 Shorter fur - layering on the legs (the basics of the two techniques)
28:28 Soft tummy fur (technique 1)
34:05 Continuing the tummy (and a few ways of blending colour)
38:10 How firm should the core wool be?
40:05 Lots of thick fur layers (across the torso) (technique 1)
45:00 Tips for preventing fluffing up and positioning animal whilst felting
46:14 Adding fur on rump (techniques 1 and 2)
49:45 Long fluffy back fur (technique 2)
57:40 Ears and tail (brief overview for ideas)
59:12 Fluffy textured muzzle and fringe (very long fur pieces) (technique 2 plus other tips)
1:12:50 Making a mane (another method)
1:19:25 Attaching the mane
1:25:50 Finishing off your animal; defining etc
1:30:20 Final donkey photos (what a cutie!)

Enjoy this video as a live-stream or fully download it to watch offline (1.52GB). If you need more time to download please contact me.

More needle felting tutorials and tips can be found at

Please note this tutorial assumes you will have already felted the basic animal shape. My demonstration donkey already has a wire armature with core wool wrapped over it plus facial features and hoofs. I show the advanced techniques beyond this.

Rights concerning this video:

This tutorial is for your personal use only and protected under international copyright laws. The unauthorized reproduction of protected content is strictly prohibited by law. You may not re-sell, share, redistribute or reproduce it in whole or in part.
You may however create and sell your needle felted animals based on this tutorial without additional permission. On social media, such as facebook/Instagram, please remember to credit me "Amanda Adebisi of Fit to be loved’.
Music is by two artists; Jahzzar and Slainte (full commercial use rights).

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